Primary School

At TEDDY BUDDIES SCHOOL, We Believe that Every individual is created unique, for a purpose. The role of education is to provide the required environment for the individual to grow into the same.

Additional Languages

The language program at Teddy Buddies offers an enriching three additional languages; Hindi, Malayalam and French ensuring a rich exposure that nurtures cultural understanding and a international understanding of communication skills.

Digital Literacy

The digital program nurtures our learners into tech-savvy individuals by integrating Information and Computer Technology as well as coding at an early age. Students explore basic skills like MS Word, Paint, doing research and creating powerpoint presentations as well as basics of logic and scratch coding

Social Emotional Learning

The SEL program is a unique combination of approaches integrated across the curriculum. Regular interactions are facilitated with their peer group, school and community. Morning Circle Time, Pair and Share, Group activities, Interviews from the community make the classroom alive with real life experiences.

Co-Curricular Activities

We offer a vibrant platform for students to experiment with expressing themselves as well as to discover their passions and hone their talents. They explore the endless possibilities of expression beyond books with the diverse co-curricular activities like Art, Craft, Theater, Music & Dance


Our students explore various music genres and instruments to get a strong foundation in musical literacy. This provides students with endless possibilities for creative expression from writing songs to making their own instruments. They also learn collaborative music creation as well as live creation of frequencies within rhythm, through the school choir.

Public Speaking

At Teddy Buddies School, standing before an audience and sharing their thoughts and ideas is a regular way of expressing ideas. Students gain exposure to professional formats such as prepared speeches, extempore, show and tell, and even compering for events. This makes the stage and mic a familiar space and empowers students with confidence and sharpens their communication skills.

Theme Celebrations

At Teddy Buddies, we believe the essence of building lifelong learners is in valuing the learning journey as well as the joy through the process. Each theme culmination sees our students curating a special Theme Celebration event, where they joyfully curate a session to "teach" their parents about their discoveries. This unique approach emphasizes the celebration of learning over standardized measures. It's not just about the outcome, but the rich, experiential process that truly matters as firm foundations in the primary years.

Physical Education

Physical well-being is integral to our students overall development at Teddy Buddies. Through diverse physical activities, students not only build strength and endurance but also learn teamwork, discipline, and the joy of movement. Our emphasis is on nurturing a lifelong appreciation for health, fitness and sports, ensuring each child feels confident in their own physical abilities. We also believe that a wide exposure to the various aspects of fitness and sports provides educators and caregivers with the opportunity to identify talent and passion early on.


Students experience real sports settings such as real stadiums, horse riding, golf course, swimming pool, football turf, etc. Our goal is to immerse them in genuine environments, fostering a deep-seated love for sports and inspiring an active lifestyle.


Within our school grounds, students engage in routine fitness activities like stretching & conditioning, alongside an introduction to various sports basics. Through activities like drill and march past, they hone coordination and order, laying a foundation for physical discipline and teamwork.


“ Primary education forms the bedrock of development. It is in primary school that children learn foundational skills that prepare them for life, work and active citizenship. Quality education empowers children and young people, safeguards their health and well-being, and breaks cycles of poverty. It also empowers countries, ushering in economic prosperity and social cohesion.

These benefits come not just from getting children in school, but from getting them learning to their full potential.

Even for students in school, far too many are not learning the critical foundational skills (literacy and numeracy, but also digital and transferrable skills) they need to thrive.“



In-line with the National Educational Policy (NEP) 2020 and the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2023, our approach emphasizes play based learning and fosters nurturing, caring relationships between teachers and students. Our pedagogical design strikes a balance between individual self-paced learning and collaborative group-based learning group-based learning.


PRIMARY curriculum is designed with the baseline of NCF NEEDS, CBSE guidelines and with best learning practices of Reggio Emilia approach, EYFS and International curriculum framework. Thematic Inquiry based curriculum is the rhythm set by the daily activities built around our practices, which has a set framework for the overall development needs.


We aim to provide an educational experience that supports the comprehensive development of our learners. This approach emphasizes nurturing creativity, critical thinking, and social skills. It also emphasizes the importance of a safe and inclusive learning environment, encouraging curiosity and exploration while fostering strong relationships between educators and children.