Teach at Teddy Buddies

Teach at Teddy Buddies

Are you interested in early childhood development? Do you enjoy collaborating with peers to help children reach their full learning potential.
A career in a pre-school is all about patience, enthusiasm, hugs and smiles. Apart from being a rewarding experience in being involved in the development of children you also get to spend your time nurturing the future of the world!

At Teddy Buddies we have regular staff activities, tours and celebrations. Check out our photos shared on Facebook Click Here to get a better idea of the work environment awaiting you.

If you’re naturally inclined to working with children and intend on having fun at the same time, we assure you a thrilling experience at Teddy Buddies. Please feel free to get in touch with us through the Contact Form or message us on Facebook to join the Teddy Buddies Team Today!

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It is a great place to work. The whole team is very Friendly, often relaxed atmosphere. No one is ever too busy to help out each other. It is great to work here. Working in another country as an Educator and migrating to home country and finding the same form of job was not quite easy until I step foot into Teddy Buddies Preschool, Vellayambalam. The management, the staff, the families and the children are the gems of this institution. Specially Our Principal and MD, is a great backbone to give us support, encouragement and respect for our moral values. I got hired the next day of the interview with the management and I was greatly impressed with the school, it’s structure and the way children are trained in an internationally accepted level. It is such a great pleasure to work with them. Dolly ma’m has proved to be an amazing leader. She taught me so much as to how more I can improve as an Early Childhood educator. Along with her, all the other staff has always been of great support. Working here is one of the best part of my life. Teddy Buddies Preschool has been and always will be a great place to admit your child in, when you are away for work as it will be your child’s home away from home.

- Pooja Bindu - Early Childhood Educator