Curriculum Programs


Age: 1.5yrs - 3yrs

At this age, toddlers display ritualistic behavior, such as a bedtime routine, which gives them a sense of reliability and comfort. Although clumsy and not sure footed; toddlers can follow simple directions and use short sentences. Toddler growth & development is highlighted by these characteristics:

    Physical Skills

  • Walks alone
  • Pulls toys behind when walking
  • Begins to run
  • Stands on tiptoe
  • Kicks a ball

    Social Skills

  • Imitates behaviour of others
  • Aware of themselves as separate from others
  • Enthusiastic about company of other children

    Cognitive Thinking

  • Finds objects even when hidden 2 or 3 levels deep
  • Sorts by shape and colour
  • Plays make-believe

We help develop their interpersonal skills by encouraging to communicate with each other. The child is taught to request for what they want, express gratitude for what they receive and to apologize when they're wrong.


Age: 3yrs - 4yrs

Preschool development occurs between the ages of three and four years. With your child’s third birthday, the “terrible twos” are officially over and the “magic years” of three and four begin—a time when your child’s world will be dominated by fantasy and vivid imagination. Your somewhat calm child has now become a dynamo of energy.

    Physical Skills

  • Climbs well
  • Stronger grip
  • Walks up and down stairs, alternating feet
  • Kicks ball
  • Runs easily
  • Pedals tricycle
  • Bends over without falling

    Social Skills

  • Imitates adults and playmates
  • Shows affection for familiar playmates
  • Can take turns in games
  • Understands "mine" and "his / hers"

    Cognitive Thinking

  • Makes mechanical toys work
  • Matches an object in hand to picture in book
  • Plays make believe
  • Sorts objects by shape and colour
  • Completes 3 - 4 piece puzzles
  • Understands concept of "two"

At Teddy Buddies children in this age group spend a lot of time in the play area outside with exposure to various rides, toys and experiences. The Games time at the outside and inside play areas aid in their physical development, mental growth and happiness. In the class, children learn to knit their words together and form sentences. By the end of the year, Pre-Kg students are able to communicate and express their ideas, interact with friends and develop a grip at using crayons.


Age: 4yrs - 5yrs

Your child is advancing from infancy into the preschool years. Many 4-year-olds grow much taller and are more coordinated by their fifth birthday. There is significant development in their gross and finer motor skills.

    Physical Skills

  • Controls movements more easily; start, stop, turn and go around obstacles while running
  • Log rolls, does somersaults, skips and trots
  • Gets dressed with minimal help
  • Throw and bounce a ball
  • Jumps over objects and climb playground ladders

    Social Skills

  • Shares, cooperates, be helpful and take turns
  • Starts acting a little bossy and starts tattling
  • Enjoys sharing silly jokes and finds other things funny

    Cognitive Thinking

  • Understands the difference between real and make-believe
  • Understands that pictures and symbols stand for real things
  • Explores relationships between ideas, using words like if and when to express them
  • Begins thinking in logical steps, which means seeing the “how-tos” and consequences of things
  • Arranges things in order such as from big to small, short to tall
  • Recognizes and understands concepts like colors and basic shapes

At Teddy Buddies we arrange Field Trips which are a great avenue for learning as they explore their surroundings in the safety of the watch of their teachers. Events like the Teddy Buddies Cookery Show teach the children good eating habits. The events at Teddy Buddies provide children with the opportunity to face an audience.


Age: 5yrs - 6yrs

At this age, children talk, interact and observe which also helps them in reading and writing as they expand their vocabulary. Children show awareness of numerical operations in daily life. At Teddy Buddies we believe your child should feel confident in her/his ability to greet the opportunities in life.

    Physical Skills

  • Walks on tiptoes and heel-to-toe like on a balance beam
  • Jumps rope and pumps legs to swing alone
  • Stand and hop on each foot
  • Catch a ball the size of a softball
  • Starts to do activities like swim, dribble a basketball or dance

    Social Skills

  • Have an interest in behaving like their friends and wanting their approval
  • Understanding complicated things like right and wrong
  • Enjoy being on display; will sing, dance or be silly to get attention
  • Start to see why it’s helpful to share and get along with other kids

    Cognitive Thinking

  • Learning by watching others
  • Recognize and name colors and basic shapes
  • Know the letters of the alphabet and letter sounds
  • Recite their name, address and phone number
  • Know that stories have a beginning, middle and end
  • Count groups of objects up to 10 and recite numbers to 20
  • Stick with an activity for 15 minutes and finish a short project
  • Make plans about how to play, what to build or what to draw

The Teddy Buddies Puppet Theatre, stories, art and role play to stimulate the child`s imagination. By the end of the UKG class, children are independent in the classroom. They have proper control over writing and using tools and objects in a safe manner. They are prepared to appear for school admission tests.